What is Right to Points?

Right to Points is a monthly (sometimes more frequent) newsletter bringing to you everything worthwhile and important from the world of credit card points, frequent flyer miles, and hotel loyalty programs in a short, sweet, and concise email format.

Less is more.

What do I cover?

✅ Interesting new launches.
✅ Upcoming changes (both good and bad) and how they may affect your earning or redemption strategy.
✅ Some occasional tips and tricks.
✅ New or upcoming offers and deals and how to maximize them. If something is time-sensitive, I will usually send it in a separate standalone email.

What do I NOT cover?

❌ Fear mongering & rumors based on “sources”.
❌ Anything irrelevant for my audience, that is things not related either directly or indirectly to travel, air miles, or hotel points. For example. I am not going to cover if some random RBL card got downgraded from a 0.7% cashback earning to 0.5%.

Why subscribe?

The goal is to cut down the noise and bring to you only what matters. As someone who has been actively involved in this space for close to a decade now, I firmly believe that 80% of the rewards/benefits associated with using credit cards from 20% of the effort (the 80-20 rule) and the average card user does not need more than 4 (at max 5) credit cards to make the most of them.

What do you get?

✅ One monthly newsletter sent to you every month (around the 2nd weekend).
✅ Full access to the newsletter and publication archives.
✅ Occasional actionable emails on time-sensitive deals or offers.

What do you NOT get?

❌ No personal Emails/DMs to discuss something specific to your situation.
❌ No personal award booking/redemption assistance. (I offer this as a separate service here.)

Why me?

Good question to ask before you give money to some random dude on the internet.

I have been in the credit card and miles and points space for almost a decade now both as a follower of the space and as a practitioner with easily over 500+ redemptions across major airlines and hotel chains.
On average, I fly more than 50 flights in a year, usually in their premium cabins (Business or First), and stay over 100 nights in hotels, most of which are usually funded using credit card points and miles. I walk the talk.

You can find a lot of these on my X/Twitter: @thetrickytrade

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Right on Points is a monthly newsletter covering important news, changes, events, and offers in India's credit card points, frequent flyer programs, and hotel loyalty programs space. I aim to reduce the noise and only bring you the stuff that matters.


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